How I Love To Bike and Use My GPS To Find Treasure!

Get your bicycle & GPS to find Treasure!

I recently develop a great system to get me into some hard to find places by using my mountain bike and a GPS. I have an older mountain bike that is well tune and very road ready, and a Magellan eXplorist GC GPS to locate or log my treasure places.

I backpack everything nicely including my metal detector, Geocaching Magellan GPS, maps, food, water, and tools just in case my bike breaks down. I’m out there looking for the best cache, riding in makes it so easy to do. When I find my cache I can jump on my mountain bike and hit another cache. Using a bicycle saves on gas, maintenance to my car, and more. You also get outdoors and feel the wind filling up your lungs which is good for the body; exercise is the best thing for everyone.

an image of backpack

Having my metal detector is also great for finding additional treasures if I see an old homestead while looking for a Cache. I found a really old coin one day doing this and have been backpacking my detector ever since! I think I’m one of the few treasure explorer that does this, I have yet to see anyone do this, but once I did see another Geocacher on his bike and said hello with a big smile.

an image of metal detector cache and gps

When you’re an explorer like I am, you think of all types of different ways to get on treasure trove places that you can. I found the best way to do this is with this system, when you have a better access ability to the places that you’re trying to get to, you will find the use of a Bike and GPS is great.

an image of magellan explorist gps and cache

Using a bike to find treasure also has to be within reason, the places you’re trying to get to have to be fairly close, depending on the level that one is at physically. There is also ways of driving in your bike to a large amount of caches and riding from there, this also works well if you’re very determined and it’s worth the gas. Most of the time when biking I keep pushing myself to go longer distances and gain for the endurance and strength in my legs.

This great way to find treasure I think would spread if gas goes up and people can’t afford the treasure hunting hobby the love so much. If this happens I have the edge on the competitor treasure seeker because I have been doing it for a couple years now. Maybe other countries outside the US are already doing this, I’m not sure but their gas is much higher and the hobby of metal detecting and Geocaching is pretty popular.

Get on your bike, strap on your backpack with a good metal detector, GPS, and caches ready for the hunt, you will wont regret this new way in finding the treasures!

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