New South Wales Bike Riders

We are a group of mountain bike riders who are associated with teams from Pest Control Companies, all the random guys and gals from Sydney, the crew and extended outsourcers from Roof Repair Company and a tight nit group of Sydney Personal Trainers who love to take to the off road in the New South Wales Blue Mountains with our GPS’s.

Spectacular views and a great ride is had by all on every outing. Trails are of an intermediate level with more advanced downhill treks for the risk takers !

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If you would like to join us and put your GPS to the test then email (attention Peter) and we would love to have you join us.

We are a diverse group of people who just love the outdoors, from all walks of life including Susan, a Chiropractor Northern Beaches Sydney , Jim from Sydney Limo Hire who is full of the latest gossip that is circulating in Sydney given all his passengers appear to love giving him the latest news not available on the news wires!, through Steve who’s is great with dealing with pests in the wild given he works for a pest control company, Mel who is an Osteopath Northern Beaches and assists with some of the group who have aches and pains at times after some long rides, to some colourful characters who are mates and work as security at two night clubs! It makes for interesting conversation at times…

For more information on The Blue Mountains, click on this link for the Blue Mountains City Council Information Desk to get an insight into the sheer beauty of the region. Bicycle GPS recommend the Blue Mountain Day Trips that Your Sydney Guide personally create for visitors to Sydney.

New South Wales bike riders are proud to be sponsored by SSEOP and the CRS Removals who are specialist Sydney Removalists.  Without these sponsors we would not be able to spread the word of the healthy-lifestyle that bike riding in open spaces is. So we thank them sincerely for their continued support of us and allowing to share the experiences and improvement in health with others in the community.